Monday, May 30, 2005

Congratulations Dixie!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

So, tonight is the season finale of "Lost," I'm addicted to the show because it's fun. It's the same reason I watch "Desperate Housewives." Fun. TV in general, fun. I find that I used to be one of those people that never watched television, or at least said I didn't back in my 20's. Now that I am firmly in my 30's I have NO problem admitting that I do. People that I have had conversations with that don't watch television have this sort of "I'm superior to you kind of attitude." Whatever, I like TV. I also like to crochet and read, which I manage to try and fit in with ALL the TV watching I do. Plus, i'm never at a loss for conversation at all the cocktail parties I attend.

I'm currently still working on that black scarf I started several days ago which I thought would take me a day or two. Black yarn is not my friend. Too hard to see. I do love the black yarn, though. Must make more things with black yarn!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Had a really nice time at the SnB yesterday afternoon. It was me, Tevana, Christine and Carlin. Always interesting conversation. ( I think Cara stopped by for a moment, though I'm not sure. I looked up from the scarf I was working on and she was already out the door.) At one point the conversation gravitated towards our plan for our beloved pets remains after their lives on earth have been completed. It stemmed from a website we have been talking about, . Interesting, though I could see Tevana's eyes glaze over, she's not really an animal person, not too sure if she could wrap her brain around the whole keeping of a pet remains thing. When we got home Carlin told me how uncomfortable the whole discussion made her feel. She did not like talking about the death of past or present pets. I just feel that when the death of my pets happens as it is inevitable, I will probably be close to inconsolable and want to know of all of my options for when the time comes. I have a need to be prepared and an inherent fear of the unknown.

Projects I'm working on include:

Scarves and more scarves (good for 'de-stashing'). Not sure why, I think I'm unconsciously planning for the holiday's already. Sickening.

Still trying to complete the hubby's afghan, it's just been too hot. Not like he would want to use it yet, anyway.

I also started a new project for the hubby, can't really say what it is though, on the off chance that he actually reads this on occasion. I was going to surprise him for father's day but it may be more like his birthday (September) by the time he receives it :-)

I finished the snake that I made for my nephew. It turned out so cool, if I do say so myself. I'll have a picture of it up soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Damnit, damnit, damnit!

Wouldn't you know it, my digital camera software refuses to load on the Dinolaptop and there is no available USB port without using an adapter that I don't frigging have! Can you tell that i'm just a little bit irritated? I have even less patience for the usual crap then I normally do. Probably stems from the "Cabin Fever" that I suffer from. But then as Carlin loves to regularly remind me , "It's always got to be about you Mom." Damn straight!

I have managed to pursuade hubby to take a sick day tomorrow so he can stay home with Carlin and I can go into the office for the morning and get some much needed work done. Weird that I'm actually looking forward to that. I just need a break.

There is a bit of a funny anecdote to go with the title I have chosen for this blog entry. When I was a little girl and still sitting in a highchair, my parents (when they were still married) and I went to dinner at "The Sizzler". Apparently, I became impatient (again with the lack of patience, do you see a trend?) because I couldn't pick up a garbanzo bean, or something to that effect. I took my arm, in one sweeping motion and flying saucered my plate across the restaurant while simultaneously yelling at the top of my lungs, "damnit, damnit, damnit!"

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Well, I guess I can hardly be irritated at the fact that my 'regular blog reads' have hardly been posting with any regularity as of late. It's not like i'm the poster child for serial blogging. To all the Serial Bloggers out there, you know who you are.

What is my blog missing, aside from better punctuation and more interesting reading. Photos! For the last few months i've been handicapped by our slightly slower IBM Thinkpad. All of our software programs are not loaded on to it for fear it might spontaneously combust. At least that's my fear. Hubby would and has said, "It should be fine." Not too sure if I buy that. I have trust issues. Therefore, I have not loaded anything remotely related to the digital camera on to it. That may change, soon. My impatience is taking over. Our desktop computer is laying next to me in near fatal condition. It's motherboard has died an awful death and we are waiting for the good people at "Such and Such Computers" to ship out our new one. Can't wait for it to get here so my computer geek husband can perform the necessary surgery.

Carlin has Pneumonia. Last week she had what may have been the flu which has turned into something much worse. The poor child has had what any normal person would deem a high or significant fever for a week now. Yesterday, she was at the doctor and got some antibiotics. If it doesn't clear up in a couple of days her doctor would like her to have some chest xrays and then not too sure what else after that. I'm just a teensy bit stressed out by it all and I feel bad that she has felt totally crappy for this long. She also seems depressed. She misses her daily and not so daily routine. School, friends, SnB's etc...

Needless to say, even though I have been at home with Carlin and faced with endless amounts of housework I have pretty much chosen to ignore it and crochet instead! At least I have my priorities straight. Pictures to follow, with possibly even more actual blogging. Stay tuned...