Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Timing IS everything

It's hot. I have to finish this by the middle of September and I don't have a choice.
Damn Blanket.
I'm making it using Simply Soft and
the crocheted moss stitch.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Off to camp...

Our little girl is growing up. Thomas, Carlin and I are so close that we found today to be a little difficult in terms of letting go and saying goodbye. I am a little verklempt about it all. So I will just post pictures and captions for now.

Carlin and her dad, he is singing her a 'going away song.'

Carlin with the "deer in the headlights" look. Notice how the wilderness background lends itself to the authenticity of the wildlife reference.

Health check. Apparently, this camp is VERY selective and won't admit any polydactyl's. I think it's for insurance reasons.

At last, Carlin's gal pal's and cabin mates.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Frenzy

Carlin and I woke up this a.m. and quickly made a beeline for Costco. Why you ask? Harry Potter, of course! One year we made the horrible mistake of getting there an hour or so earlier then they opened. We thought a copy of HP might be hard to come by, due to the hype and buzz of possibly not enough copies to go around. We got inside and they truly had thousands of copies and about 50 kids chomping at the bit to get in. This go around we took our time. I actually think I was more excited then Carlin waking up knowing it was "HP Saturday" not because I can't wait to read the book, but because i'm excited for Carlin to be able to read another installment. She has read each volume a multitude of times in between the release of a new book. For a long time it was difficult to get her to read anything else. Thankfully, she has outgrown that. It was interesting and different going to buy the book this morning with a 'jaded teenager' in tow. She was trying her darndest not to appear excited for appearances sake. I could see through her transparent facade and knew that just under the surface of her way cool exterior she was overflowing with excitement. I figured that since I am her mother it would be my job to exploit her excitement and photograph it for all eternity.

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One thing about Carlin, she really made me work for the 'keeper' picture. If she would have just done the obligatory 'excited' pose I wouldn't have had to draw all that unwanted attention to her.
This is what I was going for:
(Note: The Harry Potter School uniform. This girl is hardcore)
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But I got this instead...
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There really was NO rush this morning...

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