Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August has been a blur.

Long time no blog updates. Lately, I have really only felt like reading other blogs and not participating in my own. I have been knitting more then crocheting as of late but I can't post any pictures of the recent projects because they are holiday presents. Ugh, the holiday's...I'd have to say that is the suckiest thing about this hobby, the fact that if you are a holiday gift maker then you have to actually acknowledge holiday existence this early in the year and those of you that know me already know how much I hate the holiday season. Turns out it's almost as much as I hate birthdays. I managed to almost completely ignore mine this time around, which I think means I can say i'm still the same age again this year. Bonus! It's a rule I read somewhere. Really. I swear.
Have you seen these guys? This is totally impressive and I wanted to include it. Have your sound up a bit. It's so cool.