Thursday, September 28, 2006

I’m finding that I have barely enough time to update my own blog when everybody and their mother has one that I read. Don’t get me wrong, I do like having one. I feel like I have actually accomplished something that I never could in the pre-internet days. I never had enough discipline to keep a hand written journal for any length of time. Not sure why that was. Everyone I knew had one and you know what a bandwagon jumper I am.

Carlin started high school earlier this month and she seems to be taking it in stride, so far. She told me one of the stranger parts of it is actually being in a class where some of the boys are actually sporting beards and mustaches. I guess that would be weird when you’ve come from middle school and most of the boys still have their baby teeth and barely come up to your waist.

Over the summer I started taking public transportation to my dad’s office, where I work a couple of times a week. I have to say that I love not having to always be a slave to my car and spending so much on gas. It takes me an additional 20-30 minutes but I spend it knitting or crocheting. I love a situation that allows for multi-tasking. It makes me feel so efficient. Plus, Al Gore would be so proud of me.

I was recently inspired by a West Hollywood SnB member to make a few scarves for people that have been sent by “El Diablo” to needlessly fight in Iraq. This was big for me because I always felt that if I were to do something charitable like that for the troops, it would make it look like I was a supporter of the decision to send them there and I couldn’t be more diametrically opposed to that. I have recently realized that because of some media sources that are actually “fair and balanced”, many if not most of the people being sent over there don’t actually agree with the choice and would really rather not be in Iraq away from their lives here.

Photos of stuff to come.

Oh, and if you are a MOTT…Happy New Year!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's hug a huge squishy cat Tuesday!

This is one of our huge squishy cats, Baby Olive.
Boy... have I had a heck of a time with trying to knit or crochet this summer. We over here at the Davis Household do not have air conditioning and it's been too #^%&*@# hot! However, I do have one project to show. My dad's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and i'm knitting him a wool scarf, I may even finish! Not like he will be able to use it here in sunny Los Angeles anytime soon, but hey, it's the thought that counts. Right?
I'm knitting it in a 1x1 rib out of Patons Classic Merino in Denim.


Why is that Kate Pierson from the B52's? No's Carlin at the hair salon. They had to use the "special" Marge Simpson hair dryer for girls with Marge Simpson hair.