Friday, February 16, 2007

I guess I should have told you... of the two readers of my blog, that I was boarding it up for the winter and going away. I actually didn't realize it myself until...well everyday that I would sit down to write something and just feel completely uninspired. Days would pass where there were tons of things happening worthy of writing.

Another main reason for no blogging was that since about Thanksgiving I was caring for Baby Olive who became very ill with an agressive form of mammary cancer. I finally had to let her go this past January and it was so hard. She was 13 years old and we had her since she was tiny.

I finally finished the wedding gift afghan that I was working on. The pattern was a huge granny square and I actually liked the way it turned out. I would do that one again and maybe even for myself. I didn't take any pictures of it because I couldn't risk laying it out and having pet hair on it. Picking that stuff off is tedious and it doesn't always want to release itself from acrylic in the wash. I'm sure you have the mental capacity to imagine what a giant granny square must look like.

Carlin and I FINALLY bought a sewing machine. It's a Singer, a very basic model. We love it and have wanted one for a really long time. It was a really weird scene when Carlin and I were in the store buying it. Both of us had anxiety attacks and became slightly ill feeling. We aren't sure if that was the pricetag as much as it was that we have been pining for one for so long and that everything that we had talked about making with it was immediately forgotten. Oh the pressure! We have recovered and regained our creativity levels.
Funny bumper sticker/emblem thingy of the day:

*Photo courtesy of: Carlin