Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I have a bad cold. I'm stressed about the holidays. I'm really trying for a festive mood but it's tough. Oh, and I only want to make 1 hour scarves with a "P" hook.

Bah humbug!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

So, I picked up the 'ol knitting needles again last week...I ended up completing another scarf, sort of. I was using Wool ease Thick 'n Quick and I ran out, the scarf came out too short, and rather then go to Michael's and try to find more in the same color (which i'm betting would be an unsuccessful trip)I frogged it. It wasn't heartbreaking at all, I did a bang up job, no mistakes. That stuff knits up really quickly and i'm just chalking it up to some much needed practice. The thing about knitting, for me is that I feel sort of clumsy at it, as opposed to crocheting, which is like second nature to me. For instance, i'm having alot of trouble with transitioning from a knit stitch to a purl stitch and a knit row to a purl row. When i'm switching row types the yarn seems to get really twisted up because i'm having to move the yarn to a different position. When i'm switching stitches in the middle of a row I seem to be unintentionally increasing because of having to switch yarn positions. Having said that, I really do enjoy the knitting. For me it's more the process of it, not necessarily the product. I think that the same can be said about crocheting, though my crocheting ability allows me the satisfaction of 'product', too.

Yesterday, Carlin and I set up the 'tree' and the Hanukah decor...ever since I was born we have had the tree right alongside the menorah. My family has always participated in the crass commercialism that is Christmas. We are not christian so it's not a religious holiday for us. I definitely get far more excited about Hanukah and we don't do gifts for that holiday, for me it has meaning that doesn't translate into a wrapped present.